Visions, Dreams, and an Open Mind

Visions, Dreams, and an Open Mind

This is a sermon I preached at the United Methodist Church in Idaho Springs, CO in 2012. It compares the resurrection dream with the dream of a Lakota elder and wonders what might have happened if Christians settling the West would have maintained open minds as God intended. Rev. Harold W. Anderson, Ph.D.

Published by Harold W. Anderson

I am a retired United Methodist Minister working in private practice as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT). I also work in addiction issues and am a Certified Addiction Counselor, level III (CAC III). I also supervise graduate students working on their Master Degrees and supervise Candidates in Training who are working towards licensure. My desire to provide a window of hope to those with whom I work that they live in a world of opportunity.

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