Becky and Harold’s Great Adventure of the West: The Redwood Forest

Driving and hiking through the Redwoods is not only a beautiful experience, it is mystical. Sacramento We had decided to spend about a week in the Sacramento area in the hopes of seeing many of my family members who I had not seen for quite a while.  We stayed with my cousin Brett and hisContinue reading “Becky and Harold’s Great Adventure of the West: The Redwood Forest”

Becky & Harold’s Great Adventure: Western United States

Last summer, Becky and I took a road trip in her new Infinity QX 50.  The trip spanned thousands of miles and traveled through numerous National Parks.  We worked our way from Colorado, where we were living, to Utah and the Arches National Park, Bryce National Park and eventually to the Grand Canyon, where, byContinue reading “Becky & Harold’s Great Adventure: Western United States”