Leading the Pais (Child): A Discourse on Pedagogy

Pedagogy comes from two Greek words meaning “child” (pais) and “leader” (agōgos) from the verb “to lead” (agein). Thinker: Pedagogy.  Sophist: Say what?  Thinker: Pedagogy.  Sophist: I know, I know.  I heard you the first time.  What the hell is that? Thinker: Have you gone to school? Sophist: Well yea.  Can’t say that I likedContinue reading “Leading the Pais (Child): A Discourse on Pedagogy”

Relational Reflexivity as the Key to Emotional Balance

The psychic fact receives from speech the power to be what it is. From Difficult Freedom by Emmanuel Levinas As one who has worked in caring services for most of his life, it is a privilege to hear the stories of those who are afraid, who are overly anxious and who are depressed.  There appearsContinue reading “Relational Reflexivity as the Key to Emotional Balance”

A Christmas Letter from Harold & Becky

I suppose the tradition of a Christmas letter is to recount the many different things that happened during the year so that you, dear reader, will know what has taken place in our lives.  But this year, as was the case for many people, was the year of COVID-19.  It was certainly that for usContinue reading “A Christmas Letter from Harold & Becky”

Harold and the Art of Asking Questions: A Short Autobiography

But moments of truth are infinitely better than platitudes of lies, which seek to undermine our democracy and hinder the promise of freedom to which the liberal experiment of the American Republic has been so fervently dedicated. I remember a Sunday School class I was taking when I must have been around 9 or 10Continue reading “Harold and the Art of Asking Questions: A Short Autobiography”

Overview of This Blog

Philosophy, theology, justice.  Has there ever been a time that these three topics have not been intertwined?  From its very inception, western philosophy has been interested in the religious and mythological claims of human beings.  From Thales to Heraclitus, from Plato to Aristotle and from Stoicism to Neo-Platonism, philosophers have entertained the notion of divinityContinue reading “Overview of This Blog”